Impact Will Bring Outsized Returns:

Impact investing, has the dual purpose of making a profit and causing positive social and/or environmental improvements. We believe even more strongly that impact means out-sized returns. Smart families who are focused on social impact, reward their own families with greater wealth while enhancing the lives of everyone on the planet. Beacon Capital identifies, co-invests and then introduces interesting investment opportunities to a select group of Families and their Family Offices.

We choose to focus on exciting industries with great impact prospects:

Life Sciences:

Promising research, therapies and advances that can transform the way we treat and cure illness and create huge fortunes for smart families.

Natural Resources:

Improving water pollution, decreasing mining waste and introducing green energy to third world countries is a huge growth opportunity.

Real Estate:

Building homes, hospitals, and schools to educate future generations offers great economic returns.


Technology holds the key to improving lives all over the planet through initiatives in education technology, mobile applications and the internet of things.  There are many fortunes yet to be made as technology advances.